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Statins, cholesterol etc.

From this video:

“This is really a very easy cheap way to check to see if you have insulin resistance, and it’s a far better predictor of your risk of heart attacks than your LDL – which is your triglyceride to HDL ratio. Over one its’s not great”

My ratio: 1.2/1.6 now, but it was 1.7/1.7 a few months ago, i.e. 1. This means there’s need to cut sugars?

“Ultimately your ratio of total to LDL cholesterol and particle number and size are a far bigger predictor of heart attacks than LDL itself”  (should be below 3.5)

My ratio: 5.9/3.8 = 1.5 now. Was 6.1/3.6 = 1.7 a few month ago. So maybe LDL is not an issue. But check particle number and size.


your level of IR and the extent to which your daily carbohydrate intake has raised your HbA1c value will, in my opinion, prove to be excellent markers of how badly your arteries are likely to have been damaged.
For example, an HbA1c of 10 per cent in a person with uncontrolled T2DM increases the risk of having a limb amputation tenfold; the risk of any endpoint related to the disease fourfold; and the risk of having a heart attack or stroke twofold.47 Measuring ‘cholesterol’ in patients with T2DM will have no such predictive value and is essentially useless. [from Lore of Nutrition by Tim Noakes]

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Passive euthanasia in India

Passive euthanasia: How a living will can be made and executed in India


Most doctors never undergo some treatments. They may “sell” these treatments to their patients or administer them if requested, but they don’t take most such treatments when their own time comes.

The trade-off in the end is “life of quality, not just quantity”. We don’t talk enough about these things and that means we end up with chaotic situations and huge disagreements.

The best advice during the last 4.5 months came from Dr Col Ranga Rao of Paras advised living at home and maximising the quality of life – and if there are strong symptoms, looking for a remedy (generally radiotherapy).

How doctors die. It’s not like the rest of us, but it should be


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CGHS related info

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Medicine reimbursement rules


Circular dated 15 April 2021

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Vaccine choices in India

Astra Zeneca (Covidshield)
Europe stopped the Astra Zeneca vaccine (which comes here as Covishield) for people under the age of 55 years because maximum harm was seen in this younger group. Gap between two doses of the vaccine is three months for Covishield.

Johnson and Johnson vaccine has also been related with the clotting side effect, although the incidence is said to be low in both cases. This one dose vaccine is coming in November.

Bharat Biotechs Covaxin. With that clotting is not much reported. That can be considered. Gap between two doses of the vaccine is 4 weeks for Covaxin 

The Russian vaccine Sputnik is another alternative. Gap between two doses of the vaccine is 3 weeks for Sputnik.

For persons with DVT
The vaccine is given Intramuscular and in a person taking blood thinners there is a small risk of formation of local hematoma or blood leakage and collection. To prevent that perhaps same precaution of missing the prior day evening dose can be applied.

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