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Role models

These are role models. People in their 60s to 90s who are maintaining top quality fitness. Also related informational material. Role models I know include:

– Adrian Cook, yoga teacher

– Some of the older yoga gurus (in Mussoorie)

–  A number of elderly people at the gym and pool


Super-fit at Seventy and Healthy at a Hundred – A free PDF book.


90 year old who plays tennis.

Super fit 90 year old teaches aerobics




74 year old body builder

94 year old sprinter

98 year old who runs a childrens centre


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Key medicines

For hayfever:

a) Clarinase ( Loratadine and Pseudoephedrine sulfate) – this works for me better than:

b) Fexal (fexofenadine hydrochloride). – this one has lower effects

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Key indicators

Cholesterol record (click on this to see clearly)

HDL: 1.66 mmol/L(>1.00)

Tryglycerides:0.9 mmol/L


The most important number is total cholesterol. Must bring it to below 150 (i.e. <4)>
How to reduce LDL: Here | Here | Here

VITAMIN D: 15 SEVERE DEFICIENCY . Ideal is 50-150 mmol/L
Harm caused by deficiency: cancer (e.g. colon but also others), increases cholesterol. Note that this level may be severe deficiency for Europeans but for Indians it may not be that bad! (Here). Take medicines but don't panic.

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Gym notes Nov 09-April 10

This is the second set of exercises (excluding warm ups) (stars are for RSI). All 3 x 10-12.

1) Iron cross, 1 kg (5 STAR)
I found this particularly hard on my shoulders, but after 29 rounds over 5 months I was able to cope with 3 sets, in some pain. I also started bending more steeply as the experience was gained with this exercise.
2) Standing cable row (with squat) 50kilo (start) (3 STAR)
I found this to be relatively easy, so increased to 70 plus (start 75, then 70, twice) quite early on. I’m not sure if this had any significant affect on RSI.
3) Dumbell chest press on Swiss Ball with pelvic thrust, squeeze glutes (5 kilo start) (3 STAR)
This was the easiest of all. Increased to 8 kg dumbells early on. Not sure if this had any significant affect on RSI.

This was definitely very useful in strengthening the neck muscles and upper back. It was extremely difficult to do 3 sets initially, but later I have done (30, 25, 22.5) in one set.
5) Dumbell bicep curls with shoulder press curl, twist, press, down, untwist, uncurl. 5 kilo start (5 STAR)
This is a great exercise, and very challenging on the upper back. It was virtually impossible to do 3 sets with even 2 kilo weights initially. Finally I’ve achieved (6,5,4 kilo) in one set. Very strenuous.
I’m excluding other exercises and swim, etc.
Note: the video links are not always the precise exercise I’ve been doing, but close enough.

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