Notes on “health food” and health supplements

Kilojoule to Calorie converter

This post notes the things I've been trying out, their prices, and whether the thing is worthwhile. 


Taki Bar  mid-June 2011:  from – I got a set of 5 bars for about $13 from the health shop on Burke St. (corner of Swanston). Apparently it is supposed to detox. Took all five. Noticed a substantial increase in intestinal gas. My focus was on its impact on eyes. No unique impact, but it prompted me to start taking to work a box of seeds to eat.  


Goji Antiox bar: July 2011. Found this in Safeway (macedon) for about $1.55 or so. Contains 160 calories with very limited sugar, and goji and other stuff. Nice. Worth paying $1.55. It actually costs more from the website

Also got seeds from Safeway (about $5 I think), to mix with cereal/seeds in the morning.

aloe vera

I'm drinking a lot of aloe vera drink (I love Aloe), distributed by sammi commerce – of s.korea. It contains aloe vera crush, alo vera powder, etc. details . It is also quite cheap ($2.50 per bottle of 1.5 litres, and goes for two days). The whole lot 1.5 litres gives about 700 calories, so it is important to cut down other food.

Flax seed 

Got melrose organic golden flaxmeal for about $5 from the Burke st shop. This will go for many days. Definitely worthwhile. I think that when I eat this my eyes feel better.

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Seeds bar / laddu

It appears that eating seeds is a very good thing. (see The problem is that these bars are very expensive. There must be a way to make them at home. Unfortunately all recipes seem to require heating the seeds (baking/etc). That's sure to damage them.

How does one make such a thing?

Here's a candidate recipe:


try edible gum (gum arabic)

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Role models

These are role models. People in their 60s to 90s who are maintaining top quality fitness. Also related informational material. Role models I know include:

– Adrian Cook, yoga teacher

– Some of the older yoga gurus (in Mussoorie)

–  A number of elderly people at the gym and pool


Super-fit at Seventy and Healthy at a Hundred – A free PDF book.


90 year old who plays tennis.

Super fit 90 year old teaches aerobics




74 year old body builder

94 year old sprinter

98 year old who runs a childrens centre


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Key medicines

For hayfever:

a) Clarinase ( Loratadine and Pseudoephedrine sulfate) – this works for me better than:

b) Fexal (fexofenadine hydrochloride). – this one has lower effects

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