Sure cure for anal fissure – with aloe vera

I thought I had recorded my experience on this issue somewhere earlier, but can’t find it so I’m publishing again.

Sometime in 2006 or 2007 I developed an anal fissure. Extraordinarily painful.

The GP gave some medicine (a tube) to apply. NOTHING HAPPENED. So I searched the internet and thought I’d try aloe vera. Just a fresh cut leaf. And yes, there was IMMEDIATE relief and it was fully cured within two days.

I got it again in September 2017 after repeated surgeries recently – which led to blockages in my intestinal system – and consequent irregular motions.

I applied aloe vera immediately after it started. As expected, extreme pain disappeared within the first day. However, it remained fairly high after two days and so I added (a) extra virgin coconut oil and (b) Proctosedyl from the third day to support the aloe vera treatment. I probably had more severe fissures this time. It took a total of six days to achieve the cure. Given that medical websites say that this can take around 6 weeks to cure, this is still a very positive result.

I recognise that it is probably the combination effect of medicine and aloe vera which worked the first time as well: for the first few days I had tried the medicine (don’t remember which), and subsequently aloe vera worked within two days. So there might have been some effect of medicine which was then strongly supported by aloe vera.

Btw, aloe vera is 100 per cent safe. I’ve even applied it directly into my eyes (while experimenting with the cure for a different issue for which “modern medicine” had no clue or answer). In my (scientific, evidence-based) view, it has had no harmful effect. Many people eat the gel, as well. I’ve not done it, but I suspect it is a very healthy thing to do so (of course, there is aloe vera juice that’s available in Chinese shops – I’ve had this refreshing juice).

Aloe vera is essentially a magical plant. I don’t expect drug companies to spend research money into this plant. But it is a magical plant, without any doubt.


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