Focal laser therapy + Nanoknife for prostate cancer in Australia

“What we are doing with prostate cancer now is like using a sledgehammer to kill a flea.” [Source]

“This focal therapy provides a middle ground for men to choose between radical prostatectomy and active surveillance, between doing nothing and losing the prostate,” Marks said. “This is a new and exciting concept for prostate cancer treatment.” [Source]

Focal therapies are less invasive than prostatectomy and therefore carry fewer risks and side effects are greatly reduced: – Fewer complications (such as bleeding, infection, injury to other organs, risk of death), reduced pain, shorter recovery along with reduced aftercare and rehabilitation.

Focal therapies are new methods of treatment which have recently been made possible through more precise diagnostics and improved MRI technologies. The idea behind this technique is that only the cancerous tissue is treated so that as much healthy prostate tissue as possible is retained. [Source]

Laser ablation generates intense heat that completely encompasses the targeted area. [Source]. Also see this.


Macquarie University

NANOKNIFE – $30,000

BUT CANCER RETURNS QUITE A BIT: “in a study of 25 patients, in 76 per cent of cases the cancer had not returned after eight months.”




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