How long does it normally take to return to work after prostate surgery?


My urologist performed a radical retropubic prostectomy on Tuesday, Jan 6th and I was back working on Monday Jan 12th. I’m fortunate enough to telecommute, so I’m working from home for a while. [Source]

You should not plan to go back to work for 2 to 3
weeks after surgery. This will depend on the kind
of work you do and how fast you heal. Your
surgeon can tell you more about going back to
work. [source]

After prostatectomy, take it easy for the first few weeks. Do not lift anything over 10 pounds or engage in any strenuous activity, as this could cause serious, long-term complications. If you have a desk job, you should be able to return to work after three to four weeks. prostate cancer survivors who return to work are as productive on the job as other workers. [source]\

Most men get back to normal a few weeks after the prostate surgery and you should be able to return to work within six to eight weeks. This will depend on the physical demands of your job. Take your doctor’s advice about when you are ready. [Source]

Some people take five months to return to work [Source]

You may feel surprisingly good after the surgery, but don’t go overboard. “Too many patients want to prove their manliness,” Thrasher says. “They need to rest and give their wounds a chance to heal.” He tells patients not to lift anything heavier than 10 to 15 pounds for at least six weeks. Many patients can quickly return to work, as long as it’s not too strenuous, he says. [Source]

As soon as you’re free of the catheter you’ll probably feel fine being back at work. [Source]



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