MRI report for prostate

My MRI report dated 20 April 2017


Clinical Notes: Elevated PSA 3.95.

Report: Routine multi-parametric 3T imaging of the prostate. Prostate volume 35ml.

There is a large PIRADS 5 lesion centred within the right anterior transitional zone involving the mid gland apex. This measures 20 x 8 x 15mm in size (AP x CC x trans). Anteriorly, this abuts the anterior fibro-muscular stroma, with subtle bulging of the capsule but no visible tumour extending beyond the gland. The tumour has more than 10mm of abutment of the capsule and has at least moderate likelihood of microscopic extra capsular extension. The left side of the transitional zone shows mild nodular change and BPH, with no suspicious lesion.

The peripheral zone shows mild diffuse low T2 signal change without a focal nodule or restricted diffuse and there is no lesion involving the peripheral zone.

The prostate contour remains smooth and the recto-prostatic angles are preserved.

The seminal vesicles are normal. There is no pelvic lymphadenopathy. Bone marrow signal within the imaged field is normal.

Conclusion: 20mm PIRADS 5 lesion, right anterior transitional zone in mid gland and apex. There is capsular abutment with minor bulging and abutment of the anterior fibro-muscular stroma. Moderate likelihood of ECE.

Seminal vesicles, lymph nodes and bone marrow are normal.


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