Vitamin D heals tired, fatigued muscles



As soon as I started taking the vitamin D I noticed huge benefits. Within hours I felt like I had a great amount of energy and my mood was noticeably improved. The next day, some of my old injuries which had been recurring began to really ache. I read up a bit on this and apparently this is due to the body finally utilising enough potassium, calcium and magnesium for those old injuries to rapidly heal. I had to miss my weekly long interval workout with VFAC and went to do my own workout around Rice Lake Loop. I was running each lap almost 2 minutes faster than the last time I did that workout, and the loop is only somewhere between a mile and 2 km. On Saturday I had my track workout with VFAC. For a long time I have literally limped off the track, unable to even to a cool down due to hip pain. Not only did I have my best workout in a long time doing my coach John's 'suprise workout' consisting of all out 200's, 400's, 800's and a mile mixed up, occasionally with suprise short rest. Not only did I feel fine after I felt like I could go for another run even after cool down.

So if you are reading this and suffering from cramping, muscle soreness, or even stomach issues (magnesium deficiency causes the stomach lining to become inflamed further limiting absorption of minerals) – go out and get some vitamin D. [Source]


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