Skin care while wearing pads after prostate surgery


“All devices should be changed frequently to avoid odor and skin maceration. Fungal infections can occur.” [Source]

Skin Care: Skin irritation is commonly associated with incontinence. Here are some simple steps to care for your skin:

  • Wash in warm water using a soap free cleanser or pH neutral soap.
  • Pat dry carefully – do not rub.
  • Avoid talcum powder as it can cause skin irritation and may interfere with the absorbency of pads.
  • Wear firm fitting cotton underwear – no boxer shorts.
  • Avoid plastic pants or sheets that will cause you to sweat.

If your skin becomes irritated, you can use sorbolene cream to moisturise the area. A barrier cream may also be necessary. Use any cream sparingly as they may interfere with the absorbency of pads. Talk to a continence nurse advisor if your skin irritation does not improve with these simple steps.


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