The brilliant physiotherapist Stuart Doorbar-Baptist, who is applying a causal analysis to post-prostate surgery incontinence

Chanced upon this video which provides an EXCELLENT causal analysis of what might be happening with heavy incontinence, and how to fix it.

I’ve had heavy (100 per cent) incontinence since the catheter was removed. I was very impressed with his argument that the bladder needs to be kickstarted by filling it up, in order to get the external catheter to activate. I’m sure in that lies a key solution to my case.

See also his paper“Having low BMI and being seen pre- operatively predicted motor skill attainment, accounting for 46.3% of the variance. Significantly more patients trained pre-operatively acquired the skill of pelvic floor control compared with patients initially seen post-operatively (OR 11.87 95%CI 1.4 to 99.5 p = 0.02)”.

His coaching of patients:



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